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Az. Agricola Eraldo Viberti

Family farm of about six hectares divided into three different kind of production:
two hectares dedicated to Dolcetto, two to Barbera and two to nebbiolo grapes for Barolo wine.

All the vineyards are located in La Morra, in the little village of Santa Maria where the cellar, called Prima, is situated.
Up to 1987 I gave all the grapes to the local cooperative wine growers' association.
Since 1987 vintage, I have started to produce on my own.

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The starting point of this great adventure is based on my parentsí values: respect for the land and the work linked to tradition.

I work personally in the vineyard and I only use organic soil. We do all the work by hand.
We select the grapes to obtain the highest quality. The harvest, too, is hand made. After the work in the vineyard we pass into the cellars, where we press the grapes and the fermentation starts in steel tanks.
We leave skins and wine together, in order to have the best quality.

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Then we put the Dolcetto in steel tanks to age. The Barbera instead goes in little wooden barrels (barrique) for twenty months and the nebbiolo for Barolo wine for about thirty months.

Total number of bottles produced:
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about 26.000
5 owned and 1 rented
Eraldo Viberti
yes (upon notice)
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+39 017350308

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